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VHS to perform one-act play April 19

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Van High School and North Forney High School will present their 2019 award-winning one-act plays in a one-night only performance on Friday, April 19, in the Van ISD Auditorium.

NFHS will take the stage at 7 p.m. with their production of ‘The Miracle Worker,’ followed by VHS’ ‘I, Don Quixote.’

NFHS’ production won accolades in the UIL OAP contest. The play is directed by VHS-ex Susannah Wisdom Cole, who is in her second year as head of the theater department at NFHS.

VHS will present its production of ‘I, Don Quixote’ immediately afterwards. “Based on the second most read piece of literature in history by Miguel Cervantes, the play traces the exploits of one Don Quixote, a displaced knight errant on righting all wrongs,” said VHS Theater Arts Director Larry Wisdom.

“His vision is seen by most as lunacy demanding immediate attention. In an effort to restore what the world views as sanity, great exploits are undertaken.

“Eventually, Don Quixote is forced to see things as they are and not as they should be, bringing an end to his virtuous ways.

“Then, and only then, the world discovers that seeing the best in another individual and combating all that is evil is indeed a noble cause.”

Bryant Cox heads the cast as Don Quixote. His faithful sidekick is Sancho Panza, played by Brenden Markham.

The role of Dulcinea/Aldonza is played by Kirsten Hahn. Aaron Williams plays the role of the Knight of the Mirrors. Other cast members include Michael Daudpota, Kilby Kird, Adam Smith, Dylan Yarbrough, Malachi Koontz, Hannah Johnson, Gracie Johnson, Haylee Daingerfield, Hannah Anderson and Set Aaron.

The crew is led by senior Katie Harris and employs the crafts of C. J. Harris, Marie Salazar, Kassidy Jessie, Raven Shiftlet, Cheyenne McAllister, Megan Bixler, Eden Shively, Lauren Alexander, Lexie Garcis, Alissa Sewell and Shelby Green.

Admission to both productions at the Van ISD Auditorium Friday, April 19, is $5.