Dumb Tips for Hunters

Some folks think that going hunting means setting up camp on a Friday night, popping a few cans of beer, telling tall tales late into the night, and getting up at daybreak to go hunting.

In that spirit, I’ve assembled some dumb tips for hunters that will make your hunting experience more, let’s say, interesting.

Use the largest buckshot you can get when hunting doves. Unlike birdshot, you won’t hit many doves. But the ones you hit, you’ll hit, and you’ll know because you’ll see the explosion of feathers.

Some folks in Texas use dogs to hunt hogs. Borrow their dogs to go flush doves. All dogs like to chase animals, so what’s the difference?

Don’t worry about losing dogs when you go hunting. Dogs are smart. They all know the way to go home.

If you carry a pistol to shoot snakes, carry it in your pants pocket. Don’t worry about snagging the hammer on your pants when you pull it out. When it fires, that will scare the snake.

Always use regular bullets in your snake gun. Birdshot rounds are for sissies. You may have to shoot more times to hit the snake with regular bullets, but that’s part of the challenge.

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