Nell Carter wins Football Contest No. 7 in “tie-breaker”

With her prediction in the “tie-breaker” game, Nell Carter of Wills Point is the winner of Football Contest No. 7 in the Van Zandt News.


Carter, along with Bobby Mayne of Van, the winner of Football Contest No. 6, finished Football Contest No. 7 with winning percentages of 70 each forcing the “tie-breaker” game to be used to break the deadlock.


In the “tie-breaker” game, Carter predicted that the Oklahoma Sooners would defeat the Texas Longhorns by 10 points while Mayne chose Texas to win by three points. Oklahoma defeated Texas by five points, 29-24, on October 14.


As a result, Carter wins $50 in merchandise coupons redeemable at the participating merchants on the contest pages.


Contest winners are asked to call 903-567-4000 to make arrangements to pick up their coupons.


The contest pages for Contest No. 9 can be found in the middle of the sports section in this issue of the News.


The rules of the contest are as follows:


In each advertiser’s space on the page is the name of the two teams (high school, college or pro) who will oppose each other in the coming week


You should circle the name of the team you believe will win in each ad.


The person selecting the most correct games for that week will be the winner.


Winners each week will receive $50.00 worth of coupons redeemable at the participating merchants’ stores or payable on bank loans only with participating banks.


The coupons cannot be exchanged for cash or deposited as cash.


Entries must be turned into the Van Zandt News offices before 4:30 p.m. Thursday preceding the games.


You can also mail in your entry to P. O. Box 577, Canton, Texas 75103 or P. O. Box 60, Wills Point, Texas 75169.


In the event of a tie, the “tie-breaker” game will decide the winner.


The correct winning team in the “tie-breaker” game must be selected and the person closest to the winning margin is the winner.


If the “tie-breaker” game fails to break the deadlock, the coupons will be divided equally among the winners.


Entrants are limited to no more than two wins during the football contest season.


There is a limit of two entries per family per week.


Multiple entries must be submitted separately.


The decisions by the judges are final.


Placing third in Football Contest No. 7 were Mike Wheeler of Canton, Allan Holloway of Canton, Rob Driskill of Van and Dewayn Carter of Wills Point.


Finishing fourth were Gayle Lovette of Wills Point and Scott Myers of Mineola.


Other top finishers in Football Contest No. 7 included Ronnie Herron of Canton, Ross Hall of Lindale, Judy Grimes of Canton, David Moffatt of Canton, Summer Williams of Wills Point, Lindsay Roland of Wills Point, Doug Grimes of Canton and James Bivins Jr. of Canton.


The winner of Football Contest No. 8 will be announced in the Oct. 29 issue of the News.