Edgewood community creates lunch ministry Free meals for those in need


The inception of the Community Lunch ministry, which benefits the local Meals on Wheels program as well as the entire Edgewood community, is the product of the first Edgewood Community Connect meeting hosted by Cheatham Memorial United Methodist Church in June 2016.

During the meeting, members asked “How do we reach out to help those people in need of a good meal, fellowship, a kind word or perhaps just knowing that someone cares?”

The answer was clear, a community lunch gathering that was free for those who came.

Since the original lunch in June 2016, the attendance for the meal has grown from approximately 50 meals served to over 150 meals served on the last Wednesday of each month.

During this time frame, Edgewood Community Connect has provided over 1,300 meals at the Edgewood Civic Center and has augmented the local Meals on Wheels program with

300 plus lunches that have been dispersed to the Edgewood community Meals on Wheels clientele.

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