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The origins of Easter traditions revealed

Does your family adhere to any Easter traditions? My family certainly did while I was growing up in Eustace during the 1960’s. After sharing a few of them with you in my column last week, I was curious about the origins of Easter traditions. A quick online search satisfied my curiosity.

Although Christians established Easter as a time for commemorating Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead, the holiday also began to represent rebirth and new life. To celebrate this, people wore pure clothing—new clothes never before worn.

The tradition of women wearing Easter bonnets or hats began long before the actual holiday. Made of merely flowers and leaves shaped into a circle, the original bonnets symbolized the changing of seasons and the arrival of spring.


Be prepared for severe weather

Spring is finally here and with comes an increase in chances for severe weather.  During times when there is a chance for severe weather it is important for everyone to be aware of their surroundings and alert to what the weather is doing.  If you have a smartphone, it’s important to make sure it is charged and you keep it nearby during bad weather.  There are many aps that you can download that will alert you in the event of severe weather that use location services so that you will know if severe weather is in your area even if you are traveling.  The American Red Cross has an app named Tornado that is a great resource for people before, during and after severe weather.  Weather radios are a relatively inexpensive way to stay up to date on severe weather. If you live in the city limits you need to rely on more than just the sirens for your safety.  Being aware of what is happening around you can save your life. 


Grand Saline Public Library is in trouble

Last summer, the Van Zandt County Commissioners voted to no longer fund our library.  The Grand Saline Public Library first started getting funding from Van Zandt County when O.D. Hazel was Commissioner.  The money coming to us came from the Precinct One budget until around two years ago.  At that time the Commissioner’s court determined that the money could not come out of our precinct’s budget because it had to be clear that the money coming to us was never road and bridge money.

  When this change was made no one at the library was informed that these changes were occurring.  For those two years, we continued to receive our monthly checks from the county because our funding was changed from the Precinct One Budget to the General Fund.  


The Doomsday Clock

In early 2017, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists reset their Doomsday Clock to two and one-half minutes to midnight, citing the danger of climate change. For the previous two years their Doomsday Clock was set at three minutes to midnight, the highest setting in 30 years.

The only time the Doomsday Clock was set any closer to midnight was in 1953, after the U.S. tested its first hydrogen bomb.

In 2016 the Doomsday Clock was set at three minutes to midnight. The Bulletin wrote in 2016, “The probability of global catastrophe is very high, and the actions to reduce disaster must be taken very soon.”


Access technology at the GS Library

Helping students is one of the many functions of a public library and having access to technology is becoming a greater need for students.  We recently received a phone call from one of our middle school teachers requesting information about library hours and what technology we had to assist her students who are working on a project and we wanted to share that information with our readers as well.  T


Memorialize loved ones through donations

One of the ways that the community can support the library is by giving memorial donation or donations to honor someone to the library. 

After the loss of a loved one, we have all looked around at all the flowers and plants and felt overwhelmed with trying to figure out what to do with them.  Instead of ordering a flower arrangement or a plant, next time consider making a donation to the library. 

When we receive memorial donations we send a card to the family acknowledging the donation in memory of their loved one and give them your address so that they can send you a thank you.  In the past memorial donations had to be brought to the library or mailed in by the person making the donation.  We have now added a PayPal button to our website so if you do not live in the area or cannot come by when the library is open you can make your donation online leaving us a note telling us the reason for the donation. 


GS Library Friends begins membership drive

The Friends of the Library are in their fundraising season and membership drive.  The membership to the Friends of the Library is $25 per family and $50 for business members. Money raised through the membership drive goes back to the library. Last year they were able to purchase a new printer and pay our annual Overdrive library subscription; they bought books for our children’s non-fiction collection and helped fund our summer reading program. They hosted our visit from Santa and the library’s 50-year anniversary party. The Friends raised money through the membership drive and by working concessions. 


Volunteers, the lifeblood of libraries

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any library. In 2016 we had over 1,400 hours of volunteer work done at the library.  Using the Independent Sector’s Estimated Value of Volunteer Time this time is calculated to be worth almost $33,000.  


County Sales Plunge for Once-Popular Rifle

Gun owners may have been relieved when Donald Trump was elected, but you can’t blame gun shop owners if they have a few mixed feelings. While former President Obama was a boon to gun sales, the new president hasn’t been.

Reflecting a national trend of a drop in firearms sales, shops in Van Zandt County are seeing the effects of a president who is more gun-friendly. Especially when it comes to AR-15 rifles.

David Wiley, owner of Wiley’s Gun Shop in Wills Point, says that business for him has remained strong, but the type of firearms people are buying has changed noticeably since Trump’s election.

“They’re back to buying normal stuff, like bolt action rifles and hunting shotguns,” Wiley said. “I’m still selling some of the AR-15s, but I’m now selling maybe one a week rather than 20.”


President Trump: It’s time to declare day after Super Bowl Sunday a national holiday

If I was able to directly communicate with  President Donald Trump I would suggest to him that there is one more executive order that he needs to consider in addition to addressing the border wall, Obamacare, immigration and other important issues.

I think he needs to consider adding another holiday for America and I believe that the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday should be declared a national day off for all Americans.

What other event do we have that attracts over 100 million television viewers in our nation, in addition to millions of others around the world and brings them together, regardless of political party preference, like the Super Bowl?

Although the football game itself between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots at NRG Stadium in Houston is supposedly the main reason that people tune in, all of us know that the game itself is not the only reason that Americans watch.


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