We couldn’t have done it without you

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Included within this week’s paper is a special Veterans Day section that the Van Zandt Newspapers staff has worked tirelessly on for a number of months.

Yes, it really does take months to put together a piece like this. In fact, it took about two months for the entire piece to make it into the hands of our proofreaders, publisher and me, the editor, to be marked all over and crossed out, respelled, reorganized and basically done all over again.

It’s a time-consuming process, with everyone pulling their weight to put out not only five newspapers a week, but also a 20-page special section. Here is the part where I thank the volunteers that have helped us bring this piece together.

Sandra Jones- You were a lifesaver, and I am so thankful for the friendship that has blossomed. You are always welcome in our newsroom. It’s people like you that still give newspapers hope.

Mrs. Jones also wrote the article about Rosie the Riveters. She went above and beyond to act as a reporter and conducted the interview herself. Her efforts blew me away. She even undertook the task to read over all the names that were typed for our WWI and WWII lists, which was a large undertaking.

Lynn Maucieri- Thank you for letting me come dig through the Veterans Memorial and helping me every step of the way. Without your knowledge and efficiency, I wouldn’t have been able to get the great pieces that really stand out, like the Edgewood Enterprise articles from the early 1940s or almost all of the pictures in the section.

Diane Farmer- Your knowledge of the history of the Veteran’s Memorial and also your knack for being a pictorial historian were indeed handy. I knew that I could reach out to you anytime and that you would be there to provide me with content or photos of something that I needed.

VZC Historical Society/Genealogy Library- Boy, did we get you guys in a tizzy the day our Publisher, Brad Blakemore, came over frantically searching for listings of WWI and WWII veterans. What a wonderful trove of printed treasure that is housed at the Genealogy Library. We can’t thank you enough.

Mr. Raymond Walters- Our cover model for this year’s special section was so patient with us while we took countless photos of him. We loved hearing your stories of wartime, even though they were hard to tell. What a kind and gentle soul you have, and we couldn’t think of a better veteran to feature on the cover.

Finally, my personal thanks goes to two women who really helped me the most, Amanda Greene and Ayla Rightenour, thanks for putting up with my stressed out self, always providing a laugh and helping me pull the section together while also laying out papers. Thanks for staying late and helping me organize this special collector’s edition.

I really do hope everyone enjoys this special section that honored Van Zandt County’s veterans.  It was a monumental undertaking and we are very proud of it.

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