Pulley named to new VZC emergency coordinator position

A new Van Zandt County Emergency Coordinator for the nationwide amateur radio service known as Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) was recently named.

David Pulley of Canton took over the position on June 20 as the man he is replacing, Jon Palmer, made the announcement in a recent interview with the News.

“Basically, David and I are switching roles,” pointed out Palmer. “He was my assistant and now I am going to be his assistant.”

Pulley said that he is ready for the challenges that his new position will bring as he works with the 171 ham radio operators in VZC.

“I feel confident that we are going to cover this county like it has never been covered before when it comes to responding to an emergency,” emphasized Pulley. “I really want to get together with all of our ham radio operators and that is our goal. It is essential not only for the citizens of our county but also for the National Weather Service (NWS) that we are ready when needed in an emergency.

Palmer was originally appointed by John Newman of ARES District 9 and Pulley was appointed by Palmer in June. “I cannot express the value David has added to our efforts,” emphasized Palmer.

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