Veterans Memorial to celebrate 10th anniversary Grand re-opening of gift shop, welcome center set

The Van Zandt County Veterans Memorial is a proud monument to those who have bravely fought in wars throughout the decades. Visitors flock to the memorial to remember loved ones, experience the attractions and to pay homage to those who have served. However, behind the memorial is a treasure-filled trove of history and memorabilia of wars of the past.

The Veterans Memorial Gift Shop and Welcome Center is exactly that, a museum and shop filled with artifacts of world wars and conflicts and photos of veterans, stocked with merchandise to help support the Memorial.

Despite the obvious intent of gift shop and museum, veterans of Van Zandt County often come to share stories, to find help and fellow veterans.

“Our main focus as a welcome center is to let the veterans know that we are here for them.  We are here when they need someone to turn to and we can offer help.  We really want to put out a call for World War II veterans to check in with us in any way possible,” said new Gift Shop and Welcome Center Manager Lynn Maucieri. “We have a registration sheet for veterans to register with us.  It is important to us because we are going to have events for veterans and want to have them present for the events. If they are able, we want them to get involved and be recognized. We will even come and pick up veterans who want to attend the events we have for free. All they have to do is call us and we will come.”

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