Hooked on worms Focus on worms turns into family business

Two words can best describe why Sherri Doss would be interested in being involved in a worm farm business and those words are “dirt therapy.”

“When I worked with emotionally disturbed kids, I always had a garden or something that involved dirt,” said Doss. “I am a big believer in dirt therapy. Fast forward to my retirement and moving to the Canton/Martins Mill area, I was helping take care of my mother who had suffered a broken wrist. It turned out that she had more than a broken wrist. She had dementia and she was not able to take care of herself. At that point, I needed dirt therapy myself.”

Sherri’s husband, Breon, first brought up the subject of working with worms which resulted in a negative reaction from Sherri.

“I thought that he had the dumbest idea that I had ever heard of in my life,” recalled Sherri. “ I thought to myself, nobody wants worms and nobody cares about worms. I kept putting the decision off. I kept spending a lot of money on things that I thought would fill my dirt therapy need.”

Doss recalled attending a program in Garland two years ago on how to start your own worm bin. “I went up there and just absolutely fell in love with the idea of getting involved with worms,” she said. “I guess you could say that the worms spoke to me and I got hooked on worms…no pun intended. I decided then that I was going to try this myself.”

She began buying worms from internet sources and formed her own worm bin in her garage in Canton.

“I bought 2,250 worms and I counted every one of them to make sure that I got them all,” said Doss. “I had them in the garage and they multiplied quickly. My 2,000 became 4,000 and so on. Since her original purchase of worms last November, Doss has not had the need to buy any more. “We have managed to grow our own herd of worms,” said Doss.

Doss was hoping that working with worms would be just a hobby to help her get through some difficult times including the loss of her mother last December.

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