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By nature, I’m not really a reactionary kind of guy.  My ability to “knee-jerk” as a go-to response has pretty well passed me up.  I usually take a moment to explore the possibilities of any given situation, and do my best to make an educated, mature decision.  It saves me a lot of the proverbial “egg on my face.”  That said, there is something decidedly wrong.  I know it.  I’m pretty sure you know it, as well.

The question is, what do I do about it?

Logic teaches us that the best way to develop a solution to a problem is to find the cause.  What’s happened?  What was the grain of sand that started the first irritation?  More importantly, how do I take that irritating grain of sand and transform it into a pearl?  You would think that if something as bizarre as an oyster can find that answer, surely I can, too.

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