Sheriff speaks to groups

Courtesy photo

The Van Zandt County and White Deer Landing and the Neighborhood Crime Watch organizations held their quarterly meeting  March 18.  Van Zandt County Sherriff Dale Corbett along with Captain Tim Scharfenberg attended the meeting and addressed questions from the members. 

Back row, left to right, Diana Moreland, Delbert Kurley, Gilbert Kelley, Michel Kellar, Melissa Kellar, Sally Ronk, Chuck Hoey, Buck Derr, Jacque Vanderwind, Dwayne Scott, Phillip Shackleford; and front row,   Steven Stewart, Pastor Jimmy Jones, Roy Reid, Pat Kelley, Sherriff Dale Corbett, Captain Tim Scharfenburger, Rhonda Bickerstaff, Timothy Bickerstaff, Jean Lee, Judy Kerley, Betty King, Chris Patton, MaryJo Lawson, Michelle Dryden, and Melinda Hardin.

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