Access technology at the GS Library

Helping students is one of the many functions of a public library and having access to technology is becoming a greater need for students.  We recently received a phone call from one of our middle school teachers requesting information about library hours and what technology we had to assist her students who are working on a project and we wanted to share that information with our readers as well.  T

he Grand Saline Public Library has seven public computers that are available for the members of the community to use.  These computers have word processing and creative software on them as well as access to the internet.  Because of the way our computers are set up you cannot save something on the computer and come back at another time to work on it.  If you are working on something that you need to come back to work on again you will have to bring a jump or flash drive to save your work on or you can always save the document on the computer then email it to yourself so you have a digital copy.

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