Flynn offers comments on House Bill 2804

Texas House Bill 2804 has become a hot topic for educators and politicians alike in recent weeks, with superintendents and educational leaders around the state voicing their frustrations since the Texas Education Agency’s release of preliminary reports earlier this month.

HB 2804, passed during the 2015 legislative session by Texas lawmakers, established an A-F grading system where districts as a whole and individual campuses within a district are given letter grades in five different areas or domains.

Those areas include Student Achievement, or how students perform on the annual State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (the STAAR test); Student Progress, or how students improve on the STAAR test from year to year; Closing the Gaps, or how well performance gaps are closed between low-income and high-income students; Postsecondary Readiness, or how well students are prepared for college and careers after high school graduation; and Community and Student Engagement.

As part of the implementation of the A-F Academic Accountability System, the TEA issued a 494-page report earlier this month outlining the criteria and methodology to be used for future assessments of Texas’ districts, as well as grades for what districts would have earned had the system been in place for the 2015-’16 school year.

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