Grand Saline senior continues giving tradition she started in eighth grade

Courtesy photo Morgan Easley and Cassidy Milam give a donation to Mike Whatley, treasurer of Van Zandt County Humane Society.

For the past five years, Cassidy Milam, a senior at Grand Saline High School, has made it her mission to collect monetary donations, toys, treats and food for Van Zandt County Humane Society. 

Cassidy is the daughter of Danny and Wendy Milam of Grand Saline.

Humane Society President Carol Whatley said she admires Cassidy's passion and effort. “We have been the lucky recipients of Cassidy's enthusiasm since she was in eighth grade,” Whatley said. “At that time we didn't know this would be a long-term connection, but each spring she comes up with another great donation for us. She will be going to college in the fall and we really will miss her smile and her energy.  I know she will do well.

"Because we are a non-profit, all volunteer organization, we rely a great deal on community support. Cassidy and her friends have shown us what community is about every year.  We are more grateful than we can say."

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