The mother of all problems?

Sometimes I think moms get a bum rap. 
Movies and novels – and, unfortunately, the stories we tell our friends – often portray mothers in the most unflattering light.
I have two children – now successfully grown, thank you very much.
I’ve been both a stayat- home mom and a working mother. Neither was a piece of cake – a walk in the park – a day at the beach – easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.
When I was a stay-athome mom, I worried all the time that my kids weren’t being taught the things they needed to get
along with others.
I struggled with the need for adult interaction and wondered how working women with children managed to keep house, do laundry, cook and care for their kids because I had a difficult enough time doing those things without a job.
Then I became a working mom and found a way to get those things done but it was so so very difficult and, looking back, I
know there were times when I should have left the laundry, made sandwiches and let the kids go to bed with dirty feet instead of trying to get it all done and making everyone miserable